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Machining Facility/3D Printing

Short run and precision manufacturing capabilities

Since 2001, JIT has been providing the aerospace and maritime industries with quality precision machined products. We specialize in machining of fluid power components used in commercial and military applications. Our capabilities include many years of experience machining the broad range of alloys.

JIT  has over 30 Machining Centers for both turning and milling, accommodating diameters up to 40 inches.

Our commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction is achieved through the dedicated efforts of our employees who are steadfast in adhering to the quality requirements of our customers. JIT (JUST In TIME) operates to assure fast turnaround and competitive pricing for our customers. It is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that our many customers have come to depend on.

JIT has an extremely wide range of capabilities, including handling and machining parts up to 48″ in diameter and 15,000 lbs. as well as finish machining of  extremely tight tolerance thin-walled details. Our core business purpose is working to keep manufacturing in America by providing smart and cost effective solutions.  Identified below are some of our unique capabilities.



Design and manufacture hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, valve actuators, accumulators, hose assemblies, tanks, intensifiers and manifolds

  • Extensive Machining and Fabrication Capabilities
  • “Build to Print”
  • CNC Mills, Lathes, Saws, Grinders and Roll Threaders
  • Very Large Manual Lathes and Mills
  • Maximum Swing = 48”
  • Maximum Length = 1200”
  • Maximum Weight = 15,000 lbs
  • Maximum Operating Pressure = 100,000 psi


Fluid Power Repair

Repair all makes and models of fluid power and process control components

Develop complete failure analysis reports to uncover application issues

JIT MaintenanceOn-Site and On-Call 24 hour fluid power maintenance service