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Engineering and Testing Services

Eliminate waste by letting our engineers design and test your solutions before manufacturing

JIT Engineering is a state registered engineering firm.  Our engineering department is comprised of a diverse group of engineers with backgrounds in various industries. It is important to our company that each engineer is strong in both design and project management. The engineering staff at JIT is provided with the best tools possible to serve our clients’ needs and to provide superior designs with great value.


Using the latest 3D solid modeling software, JIT is able to design and test your solution before it is manufactured. 3D solid modeling allows us to check the design for errors or oversights, before the final product is manufactured, eliminating unnecessary material and labor cost. The design services and validation consists of the following:


  • Reverse Engineer components and system
  • Magnetic particle testing
  • High pressure static testing
  • Create “Certified Drawings Packages”
  • Design with Catia, AutoCAD Inventor and SolidWorks
  • Full assembly simulation
  • Tolerance stack-up to assure proper fit and function
  • Product failure prediction
  • Predict buckling and collapse
  • Heating and cooling simulation
  • Drop test and impact
  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Simulate loading effects ◦Varying speeds, frequency, etc.
  • Plastic part simulation
  • Based off of COSMOS Design Star FEA