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JIT Composites supports the design and manufacturing of light weight and high performance composite structural components for military applications.  Ranging from complex composite armor for ballistic protection to unique lightweight structures for UAVs and satellites, our composite manufacturing processes and capabilities allow for cost effective and timely projects.


  • Established in 2001, for the purpose of the developing high value and light weight solutions.
  • Our facilities are located in close proximity to high technology companies in Huntsville, Alabama
  • JIT has strategic partnerships with NASA and numerous Universities.
  • Outfitted with modern manufacturing equipment
  • Complete testing facilities and data acquisition equipment
  • JIT can design, fabricate, test and evaluate composite parts
  • We provide R&D, LRIP low volume contract manufacturing and troubleshooting
  • JIT provides evaluation of new composite materials and develops methods to optimize their performance
  • JIT Composites is a division of JIT Industries and works very closely with our complementary divisions to minimize costs and expedite deliveries.